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A beautifully-designed, one-of-a-kind training center located in the heart of historic St. Mark’s Place. Unique, even by NYC standards.

Come and experience true focused training in a hip/cool joint. We take our training seriously here, but not so much that you lose the fun. Our studio reflects our philosophy that, in order to move anything, you need to know how to move your own body safely and correctly. Located in NYC, Bell Fitness Company has just what it takes to energize, maximize, and escalate training to a whole new dimension of fitness, fat loss and muscle toning. Every piece of equipment is 10 seconds away or less; there is no wait or line. This is how we are able to offer you the most advanced training programs in New York City.

By design, the studio respects the body’s own natural rhythm of invigoration and relaxation. We have done our research and know the body begins a process of regrowth and healing immediately in response to intense activity. Energy healing is easy in the atmosphere of Bell Fitnes Companys. Our floor transforms easily from dynamic gym to yoga floor and back to dynamic training in a few short strokes.

We also have a protein kitchen for the nutritionally challenged. Who doesn’t need excellent nutrition to compete in this tough world?

training techniques

  • core and functional training
  • muscle tonning
  • corrective stretching techniques
  • reactive neuromuscular conditioning
  • muscle activation techniques
  • yoga
  • plyometrics
  • complex training
  • body weight training and fat burning
  • olympic weightlifting techniques
  • strength training for muscle hypertrophy/bone density
  • kettlebell begining to advanced
  • treadmill, rowing, and cycling training for cardiovascular fitness
  • pregnancy fitness and massage

advanced training techniques

  • most effective, advanced training protocols in the world
  • lactate threshold training indoor/outdoor
  • tabata energy dynamics
  • barbell/kettlebell complexes
  • cross fit™ ladders
  • escalating density training™ Charles Staley
  • strongman training (sandbags, keg, heavy band, etc.)
  • martial arts fitness

relaxation and recovery techniques

  • gentle corrective stretching
  • shiatsu, swedish massage, myofascial release
  • pregnancy massage
  • yoga
  • breathing for stress control


  • one-on-one personal training
  • comprehensive fitness assessment, health analysis
  • body composition analysis
  • nutritional analysis and services
  • yoga classes
  • outdoor training (booty n’ body circuit)
  • “ass kickers” outdoor kettlebell training

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